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name the 13 ways to get out in cricket.

please don't google. as players we should know these !!!!!! Exclamation

hit wicket
handled ball
timed out
run out
obstructing the field
hitting the ball twice

well there's 10 definates

my other three are

looking shifty
being harry kewell
having your pads on back to front

In addition to Rushys 10 I would add Martins favourite 'Retired Out'.

I am struggling for two more though unless you are trying to include headed the ball Laughing

You haven't included 'caught', 'caught & bowled' and 'caught behind' as different dismissals have you? Technically they all are 'caught'.

If you haven't then I am stumped for an answer Rolling Eyes

no simon I haven't included ANY of your suggestions.

If you haven't included 'retired out' then there must be 14 ways!

As this thread is posted in the Jokes Forum I will guess the missing ways are:-

farting during the bowlers delivery stride
inserting a bail (or bails) into an umpire
and hitting my car with a six

oh dear simon, you seem to be struggling with this one.
the reason this question is in "jokes" is because there isn't a section for questions.

11. Leaving the field of play when you shouldn't
12. Illegal batsman
13. Annoying the scorer/umpire

Barry - I am more than struggling. I am at a loss.
The only ways of getting out are the ten Rushy posted (laws 30-39) plus the lesser known 'retired out' which comes under Law 2. I am not aware of any other official ways of being out.

Thinking that I was going senile I checked both the Cricinfo and BBC cricket sites. Both stated that there are 10 ways of getting out although Cricinfo did at least acknowledge retired out as 'gaining in currency and popularity and counts as a dismissal.'

Unless anyone else has any suggestions can you let us know what your last three are.

the answer is;
rushys original ten.+
11) showing dissent to an umpires decision
12) offensive behaviour on the field
12a) if the batsmen at the non strikers end is out of his crease, before the bowler is in his bowling stride, he can be got out! (as a very slow bowler simon, i'm very surprised that you didn't get this one!!!!!!!)

Sorry Barry but I am afraid that is not correct under the current MCC laws of cricket that were amended in 2003.

11 and 12 are covered under Law 42 Fair and Unfair play.
In clause 18 (players conduct) it states that if there is any any breach of the spirit of the game (including dissent or offensive behaviour) the umpires shall inform the other umpire, inform the offending players captain instructing him/her to take action and warn them of the gravity of the offence and that it will be reported to the appropriate authority.
The umpire does not have it within his power to give someone out for showing dissent or for offensive behaviour.

You are quite correct that a batsman at the non-striking end can be run out by the bowler before he reaches his delivery stride, but after he has started his run up (or his bowling action if he has no run up). Martin managed to upset the opposition a couple of years ago doing just that (quite legally I might add). However, this would be recorded as 'run out' which is listed in the original 10 that Rushy put down.

In summary, there are 11 ways of being out - the ten Rushy mentioned and 'Retired out' which is mentioned in Law 2.9 (b).

Sorry to be so pedantic about this but if we are going to set questions to our members about the game (which I think is a very good idea) we need to make sure that the answers we give are correct. Otherwise we are doing more harm that good.

what about the guy that died at the crease how was he given out???? and have you met the new vicar yet Simon? Smile

Technically he was retired hurt and could continue his innings later although I suspect he might have needed a runner Laughing

The trouble with the clergy is they can't handle my pace bowling Laughing Forum Index -> Questions
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